Global Care Recruiting: Professionals for hospitals, retirement and nursing homes in Germany.


Germany has a shortage of nursing staff, while qualified specialists abroad are often unable to find work. Global Care Recruiting builds a bridge and recruits the best healthcare professionals for you. relying on excellent contacts with renowned HR experts. Three parties stand to gain: the skilled workers find employment at fair conditions, unemployment in the countries of origin falls, and you can fill vacancies with capable employees.


the best nursing staff from the Philippines, Tunisia and Morocco, whether for hospitals, retirement homes, clinics or outpatient care. Our recruited professionals can be deployed in a variety of ways. Professional training is particularly important to us so that you can benefit from first-class expertise. All our nurses therefore complete a 4-year course of study. The high level of training is also reflected in German language skills: we require at least a B2 language certificate and a command of specialist nursing language as standard.

As a specialized service provider, Global Care Recruiting organizes the entire process – from recruitment to obtaining the work permit.


What sets us apart from other staffing agencies? A great deal. We have many years of experience and have been able to build on this to develop our own processes and special preparation programs in Germany. Our extensive experience speaks for itself: with over 20 years in national and international recruitment, we can draw on a large network.


We conduct targeted searches for qualified nurses: in line with your requirements. We’ll go the extra mile to find the perfect nurse for you. Or we may already have the ideal candidate in our pool.

Here’s how Global Care Recruiting does it:

Let’s meet for a no-obligation initial consultation. There you will learn what your preferences are when working with us and we can clarify where your needs lie.

If we could convince you, we will conclude an attractive contract with you. One of your many advantages: In it, we guarantee, among other things, that the new employee will stay with your company for at least three years. You can therefore plan for the long term.

The candidates are interviewed by us in their home country. We thus make a strict preselection for you. We will prepare the application documents of the best and make them available to you. This way, you can also get a picture of the applicants.

Once you have decided on your future employees, Global Care Recruiting will assist you in concluding a contract between the care facility and the selected professionals. Subsequently, we will prepare your candidates for the customs and work in your country. We prepare you specifically for the new situation, support you in all relevant steps, assist you in finding an apartment, insurances and all administrative procedures.

From our side, the recognition process for the selected nursing professionals is then initiated. We know the requirements and can react optimally to them. Finally, we arrange the entry and support you in the ongoing recognition process, take over the entire visa process, obtain the necessary work permit, plan the journey, etc. Everything practically from one source.

Once all the stages have been completed, the only thing that remains for us is to wish you well with your new, competent employees.