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The nursing profession has been classified as a shortage occupation in Germany since 2013. Since then, there has been an agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Philippines, Tunisia and Morocco for the placement of nurses.

Training and qualification:
Around 25,000 to 30,000 nursing professionals are trained in the Philippines every year. The training comprises a three-year university course and leads to a Bachelor of Nursing degree. This also applies to Tunisia and Morocco. As the Philippines can only employ a limited number of graduates in its own healthcare system, most of them look for a suitable position abroad. This results in an approximate number of 400,000 nurses working abroad, of which 130,000 work in Saudi Arabia, 150,000 in the USA and the rest in other countries. This means that around 19,000 nurses leave the Philippines for other countries every year. The number of newly licensed nurses for 2023 was 13,000 (exams in April and May 2023) out of a total of 17,000 participants. Things are also looking promising in Tunisia and Morocco.

Prior to placement, a thorough assessment of individual specialist knowledge and qualifications is carried out. Special language courses leading to the acquisition of the German B1 or B2 certificate for nursing staff lay the foundations for a successful placement in Germany. In addition, Global Care Recruiting provides intensive support in the host country Germany before and after entry to ensure optimal integration.

The importance of language:
Language forms the basis for successful integration in everyday life. Our nurses are optimally prepared for their daily work and life in Germany through our online language school and in partnership with our academy in Tagatay, the Beagle Academy. The adapted German courses for nursing professions focus on general language skills as well as job-specific technical language. In this way, the Filipino nursing staff can prepare themselves optimally for their profession and life in Germany. Global Care Recruiting’s online language training is an important step towards successful integration.

The language training:
Global Care Recruiting’s language training combines traditional classroom training with modern forms of e-learning, as well as with our partner, the Beagle INC Academy for German Language Education in Tagatay. This is used for exam preparation, specialist lessons and for younger candidates. Diese wird zur Prüfungsvorbereitung, Fachunterricht und bei jüngeren Kandidaten genutzt. This is used for exam preparation, specialist lessons and for younger candidates.

Procedure for the adaptation measure for foreign nursing staff at Global Care Recruiting (Download PDF)