What you should bring as an applicant!

The applicant must have at least a professional license (passed exam for professional license/exam) in the field of nursing or an equivalent field.

Or have a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree and professional license (passed professional licensure exam/exam) in nursing or equivalent field.

At least 2 years of professional experience in a related field is required for this position.


Preferably 2-3 years or more experience in the healthcare industry as a nurse, nurse practitioner or medical support/assistant or equivalent.

Readiness to move to Germany.

Willingness to learn German up to B2 level; a B1 German language test may be necessary if you only have a B1 level in order to continue your education in Germany at B2 level.


High-quality jobs in Germany with renowned employers
We place nursing staff with reputable employers in Germany who offer long-term employment opportunities.

Support in obtaining work and residence permits
We can help you apply for and obtain the necessary work and residence permits.

Intensive and subject-specific language training
Our language courses are designed to optimize your language skills and prepare you for your professional career.

Preparatory events for the specific requirements at the place of work
We offer training and preparation courses to prepare you for the special requirements on site.

Support through the approval process
Wir bieten Schulungen und Vorbereitungskurse, um Sie auf die besonderen Anforderungen am Einsatzort vorzubereiten.

Accompaniment and support at the workplace
We support you locally, for example in dealing with the authorities and insurance matters, and arrange social contacts for your integration, be it in the cultural, sporting or social field.

Job in Germany. We place nursing staff with well-known and respected employers as a basis for long-term employment in Germany.

Permanent residence
Philippine, Tunisian and Moroccan nursing staff receive a permanent residence permit in Germany after successfully completing the recognition procedure. New from January 1, 2024 is the possibility to apply for a Blue Card, which enables family reunification!

Access to the labor market for nursing assistants from third countries
With the planned changes, access to the labor market for nursing staff will be supplemented by a regulation for nursing assistants from third countries. Persons from third countries with nursing training below the three-year regulated specialist training can be employed in the health and care sector. The prerequisite is that these persons can prove that they have either a corresponding German vocational training in the care sector or a foreign care qualification that has been recognized in Germany. A German diploma of at least level B1 is required.

Job search following training in the healthcare and nursing professions
Nursing assistants and care assistants from third countries who have completed their training in Germany will in future be able to apply for a residence permit to look for a job. The residence permit is issued for up to twelve months and can be extended by up to six months if the person’s livelihood is secured. It is also possible to apply for a long-term residence permit.

Secure minimum wages
Der Mindestlohn ist gesetzlich festgelegt, und Deutschland bietet zudem ein modernes Sozialsystem.

Professional development
Many employers support further vocational training and offer opportunities for professional specialization.


  • Application
  • Interviews with Global Care Recruiting or future employers
  • Language training up to German level A1 to B2 and preparation courses
  • Transfer to Germany and start of work
  • Integration, recognition procedures and ongoing language training


Send us your current curriculum vitae. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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